June 12, 2016

Week the 1th

Well, still alive.

I've spent the past week or so in damage control mode, making sure that I got some cash from the bank account before she locked me out of it, getting a meeting scheduled with laweyer (jeez, they cost a lot!... $125 just to sit and talk to the guy and see if he'll represent me), finding a storage facility where I can put my stuff in the interim until I move back to Colorado, and trying to find a place to live (you'd think that it'd be easier to find a 1 bedroom apartment in a college town.)

In other news, I've nearly perfected the art of sleeping in my Jeep. The duffel bags go there, the phone connects to the charger and sits there near my head, I lay this way, and with the camping air mattress and an old army blanket, I'm actually quite comfortable.

Or maybe I'm just so numb that I can't tell how much it hurts.  Whatever...

At any rate, trying to find an apartment that will let me sign a 6 month lease is becoming a chore... I don't want to lock in to a year, and can't bring myself to live in a motel that I pay by the week.

Mostly, I miss my dogs.

It's funny... You always hear about this male-privilege thing, but when it came time to split, she was left with a house, the June bills all paid, a refrigerator full of food, a pantry full of food, two deep freezers filled with meats and soup and such, and $3000 in the bank.

I've got two changes of clothes, my sleeping bag, and the Jeep.  I pay $5 for a day pass to the local YMCA to take a shower.

Went up to Auburn yesterday afternoon to see my parents. They were supportive, and that really helped.

This sucks so bad...


Old NFO said...

Thoughts and prayers.

ZerCool said...

Please drop me a note if you want to vent. Or talk. Or cry. Or anything else. I'm about two weeks further along. :-/