June 16, 2016


Well, I've managed to keep moving forward...

Secured a one-room studio apartment, signed the lease yesterday.  It's a short term lease, only 6 month, but that's about all the longer I plan on staying in this town.  I'm going back to Colorado where I belong.  A friend of mine there put me in contact with a recruiter who is going to start looking for jobs for me.

At least I'm not homeless, sleeping in my Jeep any more.  It's gonna be snug, me and the two dogs, but we'll survive.

Hired a lawyer to handle the legal stuff.  He spoke to her lawyer, and we're both on the same page when it comes to who gets what.  My lawyer said that this should be pretty simple, won't cost the full retainer fee, and I should get some of the $1000 back.  That's a positive, because I'm bleeding coin at the moment.  If you're feeling generous, I'm accepting.

Told my boss that I was eventually moving west.  That was difficult, actually, because she really is an awesome boss.  She's always stood behind her people, have their back, and is a really good person.  I can't say enough about how well she treats us, and it's going to be difficult to find a better boss.

Got some stuff out of the old house on Monday.  Was going to go yesterday and get more, but the thunderstorms and rain had other ideas.

It's amazing how many little things you learn you don't have when you move... Stuff like a broom and dust pan, a holder for your toothbrush, shower curtains, etc.  Went to the Mega Super Store last night, picked up the cheapest shower curtain rings and liner I could find, along with a package of TP.  Gotta have some ass-wipe, don't ya know.

Plan is to get the rest of my stuff on Sunday, including the dogs.  I'll wager Casey is going to be happy to see me.

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Old NFO said...

Hang in, and good luck on the job search.