May 23, 2016


So, Saturday was the only day I had free to sneak down to Louisville for the 2016 NRAAM.  I wish I could have stayed longer, but schedules and finances were not going to let that happen.

At any rate, it's the usual NRAAM stuff.  Everyone and their brother has a newer and better AR-15 build, with their proprietary fancy gollywog stuff that makes THEIR AR-15 platform that much more operator-esque than the next guy.  Because when you have to operate, you want an operational operator gun.  Or something.

I did manage to refrain from whipping out the plastic to pick up Savage Arms' new bolt action 338 Lapua.  For now, anyway.

Got a lot of "possibles" for Kilted to Kick Cancer donation, a pretty fair number of "probables", and one in-my-hands donation from MantisX Firearms Training Systems.  This is a device that you connect to the rail on your handgun, download an app to your phone or tablet (Apple or Android), and as you fire, it measures the deviation of your pistol and gives you feedback on your shots, along with suggestions on how to resolve it.  It's got a bit of voodoo magic to it, but I found it interesting.  I will give the donated system away to KTKC, of course, but might just shell out the $149.99 and get one for my own use.

As usual, the attendees ran the gamut of culture and gender: Men and Women, many different racial makeups (African-American, Latino/Hispanic, Asian), and all ages.  And, as usual, everyone was polite.  The exhibit hall was much larger than last year in Nashville, and that made for larger lanes between booths.  Still, there were times when it was crowded, and you'd bump into someone by accident, and both people would turn around and offer a polite "Sorry about that" or "My apologies".  Ya know, for a bunch of violent savages, the NRA members are really quite considerate.

The NRA endorsed Trump.  This is not surprising.  What, you expected them to back Shrillary?  Trump had best keep that in mind, however... Ya dance with the one that brung ya, as they say, and if he goes back on his promises to uphold 2A rights, the NRA will drop him like a prom dress.

I got to meet Reya Kempley, a very pleasant young lady who is trying out for the US Olympic Shooting team.  I wish her the very best, and hope she kicks some ass down in Rio this summer.  Take bug spray, Ms. Kempley.

Didn't see any protesters.  Didn't really look, either.

Spent most of the day walking the exhibit hall with EMS Artifact, but managed to run into my buddy Ryan and his lady Amy, as well as JayG, Old NFO, Kelly Eads, and a few other folks.  Just not enough time to catch up with everybody.

Didn't hear of one single person getting shot, despite an estimated 80,000 people there, many of whom were most likely armed.

EMS Artifact and I went out for a quick bite to eat and a beer, catch up on stuff, tell lies, discuss upcoming hunting trips to take, and general BS.  Then about 6:30 I hit the road north back towards home.

It was a long day for a short visit with friends, but it was a nice break from the daily grind of work/house chores/work/house chores...

Until next year in Atlanta, my friends, I wish you farewell.  Thank you for letting me be a part of the tribe.


Old NFO said...

There weren't any protesters... They were 'elsewhere'. Great to see you, even if only for a few minutes.

EMS Artifact said...

Thanks for saving me the trouble of writing what would have been an identical post. Really, I'm just going to link to it since you covered just about everything I was going to say about the exhibit hall.

As Ambulance Driver would say, "The DERP was strong with this one".

It was great to see you again.

Till next time.