May 2, 2016

Always Have an Open Mind

Been getting frustrated with my results shooting the Glock 19 lately.  I've been working on getting more consistent groups, and that part has been successful (mostly.)

Problem is that my group was always an inch or so high, and an inch or two left.  That is, I'd beat the snot out of the 9 ring at 10:30/11:00, but couldn't seem to get them down into the bull.

Nearly exasperated, I finally decided "It's either me, or the sights."  So, at Tam's suggestion, I swung down to Indy Arms Company yesterday to let her take it for a test drive.  She's good enough that she'd be able to say "Yep, sights are off" or "Nope, you just suck."

Well, guess what?

Her first four rounds of the day could have been covered with a quarter, and enough left over for a dime change.

She hands the gun back to me: "Seems fine."

(Couldn't have thrown just ONE flier to make me feel better, could ya?)

At any rate, with her assistance, I made a few modifications to grip and stance, and the rounds started coming more towards the vertical center-line (i.e., 12 o'clock), but still high by an inch or so.

Then Zack from Indy Arms pointed out to me that I'd been lining up the sights wrong.  Well, more exactly, I was putting the front dot ON the bull, rather than just under the bull.

Here's a photo of the factory sights on a Glock:

Here's a bad drawing of a few different sight pictures, greatly over-exaggerated, but it paints the picture for what I was doing wrong:

I was sighting down the barrel like you see in the Sight Image 3, when I SHOULD have been doing the Sight Image 2.

Once I put the front sight to the point where it was JUST touching the bottom of the bulls-eye, I started hitting the bulls-eye.

Unfortunately, I was nearly out of ammo by that point, and my left elbow has a case of Tennis Elbow from a bit too much enthusiasm with the log splitting maul making firewood, so I didn't have a chance to really drill this into muscle memory, but you can be sure that I will going forward.

Oh, and I'm also going to get rid of the factory sights, get a set of AmeriGlo sights installed.

All in all, a good day shooting, and I learned something new, which is just cool.

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juvat said...

I did NOT know that. I've been doing the same with the same results. I knew I was doing something wrong, just not what. Thanks!