April 13, 2016

Why Did I Start Work in IT?

One of our clients is a medical office practice, doctors and nurse practitioners and such.  They use a program for their Electronic Medical Records, and the last update of that software introduced some "Undocumented Features" (we don't use the term "Bugs" because someone might get all butt-hurt and need a safe space... or something) that they've been fighting for a few months.

Vendor released a patch week before last that is purported to resolve the inconveniences caused by the aforementioned Undocumented Features, and it has fallen to me to install said patch.

Which I did last night.

Or, at least ATTEMPTED to do last night.

Because the server upgrade went fine, but every single client I tried up upgrade crashed.  Hard.

So last night I was up until 11pm reverting their entire system back to the version with the Undocumented Features, and now I get to filter through one log file after another to find out what the hell went wrong.

Sometimes I loath this job.


Jon said...

I can completely empathize with you. I fight the same sorts of issues in my IT job. I shoulda been a librarian or something.

Old NFO said...

I'm SO glad I'm out of that world... Feel for ya JB!