December 5, 2015

The Spirit of the Season

This year, I've been asked by my boss to assist with a charity event that he does every year.

The charity is called Secret Families.  Through the generosity of donations and volunteers, we find the most needy families in the county (with the help of the administration of the local schools), and each family gets sponsored.  The ages, clothing sizes, and needs of each are collected, then a group of folks will go shopping for them, other folks will wrap the gifts, there are drivers delivering the gifts, along with a Christmas tree.

Each family gets gifts for all, the tree, a $50 grocery gift card to buy Christmas dinner, and a bible.

I have to imagine that the general manager of the local Meijer (like a Super Walmart, kinda) looks pretty good to the corporate accountants this time every year.  Not often you ring up a quarter million dollars in sales on a Saturday...

... Before 9am.

We've got a command post set up so the drivers can call in if they get lost, we can pull up some mapping and GPS software, talk them through turn-by-turn directions.

Pretty much every local school has kids here helping wrap gifts.  Elder Spawn and her cheer team will be along shortly to do the same.

It's a pretty impressive event.  Last year, we provided for 325 families.  This year, we're pushing almost 400.

And we've had a few families that managed to get off the list.  One mother told us "Last year, I didn't have a job, and you made Christmas bearable for us.  This year I've found work, and we're doing well..."

So, rather than being on the receiving end, she's volunteering today.

Giving.  That's the spirit of the season.

Merry Christmas, y'all.

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Old NFO said...

Thanks for doing that. Giving back is good this time of year...