December 15, 2015

Never Thought of THAT

So, being a semi-sorta-kinda "be prepared" type of person, I take a modicum of pride in being ready for all sorts of things, and while I'm not stacking cases of MRE in the garage, I like to think I'm pretty OK to ride out the most likely events in my area. 

For East Central Indiana, that means power outage for whatever reason. Tornado, ice storm, heavy snow, etc. 

So when the power went out this evening,  I reached three get to my left,  grabbed a flashlight from the drawer, and handed a second to Elder Spawn.  

A quick check of the block showed it was a larger issue than just my house, so Elder and I headed out for dinner.  

The garage door has a manual release so I could get the Jeep out, and I pulled the door closed,  but it doesn't have a means to lock it in place when down.   That is,  if I have to manually move the door,  I can't secure it down.  

Think I'll have to fashion something from scrap 2x4 lumber and such.  

Learning something new every day.


PJ Geraghty said...

Depending on the design of the door, it might be possible (easier) to install a manual lock on the inside, possibly even with a key for the outside to make access a little easier/faster. You'll want a way to mechanically disable that lock, though, so that it can't get locked accidentally when the power is on...could damage your garage door opener motor.

Old NFO said...

They do maked keyed locks that can be installed.