October 1, 2015

Whitetail Season

Indiana's whitetail deer season is underway, and for opening day I'll be spending it...

... at work.

Because responsible and bills need paid and I didn't win the lottery.

Doesn't bother me, really, since it's going to be pretty windy today through the weekend.  Also, most of the trees are still flush with leaves, the weather hasn't really cooled off enough, and I'll have plenty of time later this month to get out.

The tree stand was put up a few weeks ago.  I found a nice spot, about 80 yards from where I set up last year, between two fairly well tracked paths.  There's water in the river behind me, and a natural funnel ahead, leading to a CRP field and soybeans just past that.

Got the cross bow dialed in, a new battery in the optics, and two extra bolts.  The pack has the usual items: a headlamp, extra gloves, a few pairs of hand warmers, knife, rope, fire starting gear just in case, a couple granola bars, pee bottle, and compass.

To all the hunters getting out today, I wish you good luck.  Be safe in the tree stands, please.

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

Maturity sucks... But good on ya for doing the 'right' thing. There will still be deer when you get out there.