October 29, 2015

Putting it into Perspective

Let's discuss perspective and firearm deaths.

I used the following data in this post.  The population came from the US census, the rest came from the FBI.

Total population: 318,900,000

Number of deaths: 2,596,993

Murder: 11,961

Firearm murder: 8,124

Rifle used: 248

This is a pie chart showing the population of the USA and the number of people who die every year in the USA.

The blue is the population of the USA (~ 320 million) and the orange is the number of people who died in 2014 (2.59 million)

Now, here's another pie chart.

In this chart, the total is the number of deaths from the chart above (2.59 million), and the small sliver at the top is "murder" (i.e. one human killing another, not justified).  Of that sliver, the orange is non-firearm murder, the gray represents murders using a firearm, and the (completely non-visible) yellow are firearm murders using a rifle.

Final chart:

Here you have that sliver above expanded.  Again, the whole represents that sliver, so this is all of the murders in 2014.  Blue is non-firearm, orange and gray represent firearm murder, and gray is murders where a rifle was used... All 248 of them.  

Now, the math:

Of the 318,900,000 or so people in the USA, 248 of them were killed by a rifle.

For comparison, in 2012 (the latest year for which I could readily find data), 722 people were killed in bicycle accidents in the US (almost three times as many as killed by rifles.)

So tell me again how banning the AR-15 is going to make any significant impact on death in the US.

I'll wait.

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Old NFO said...

It's not, but your facts don't counter the left's 'emotions'... They count for more! Sigh...