October 6, 2015


* We've had a very busy summer and early fall at the Casa d' JB.  We hit up the local farmer's market and the garden out back, and spent a few weekends canning 28 pints of green beans and 18 pints of tomato sauce for pasta and 18 pints of hot and medium salsa.  Plenty of food in storage, however.

* I bought a quarter of a cow as well.  Came out to about $3.30/pound, including butcher fees, and was 198 pounds total.  It's nice to have a good supply of meat in the freezer.  

* We had a tree in the back yard that died from the Emerald Ash Borer infection.  A local tree service cut it down for us, and now I'm going at it with the chain saw to reduce it to firewood.  It's a good sized tree, too, so it's taking a while.  So far, I have 18 inch logs stacked 4 feet high and 27 feet long, yet to be split.  Oh, and that doesn't include the main trunk, which is 3 feet diameter, 20 feet long.  

* I am not cut out to be a lumberjack.

* Been working my rump off at work, trying to bring in a few extra dollars.  We've got a performance system at work where if I meet certain metrics, I get a few extra dollars.  So far, I've exceeded those metrics every month except one this year, so the extra coin has been helpful as we pay down the medical bills from Spawn the Younger's broken arm.

* I need to go shooting more.

* Missus JB fought off a pretty nasty ear infection this past few days.  The last time she had one this bad, it went rogue and ended up in her brain, causing bacterial meningitis.  Fortunately, this time we hammered it HARD with antibiotics.  Two different pills plus ear drops, some pain killers, and she's feeling better.  I spent much of the past weekend tending to her, bringing lots of soup and tea, and letting her sleep while I ran the house and did the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.  Not the traditional "man work" according to some, but in our house, we share that sort of stuff.

* Most computer end-users are total morons.  I could make a fortune teaching people the basics, like how to change a password or what it means to right click an icon.

That's all for now.


jon spencer said...

If that tree is one of those with twisty and stringy fibers a (big enough) hydraulic splitter is the way to go.
You can use a maul, but a splitter is easier, much easier.

Jeff B said...

Yeah, I plan on renting a splitter for the largest sections. Most of it I can do with a maul. But that main trunk and some of the biggest branches are going to need the splitter.

But I have to get it cut into lengths first.