September 21, 2015

Keep your eyes open

In fairly short time (perhaps a few weeks), I'll be in the market for a 1911 in God's Own Caliber.

It's a double-edged glaring gap in my firearm collection, and has been for some time.  I used to have a Taurus PT 145 Millennium to at least give me *something* in .45ACP, but sold that to fund the Mossberg 500 Combo (can't hunt deer or duck with a pistol).

At any rate, I should have a few extra bucks coming my way, so if any of y'all happen to find or see a decent 1911 at a decent price, let me know.

Some caveats:

Under $800, if possible.  That's about as high as I can possibly go.  I'd prefer to get a gun, a couple spare mags, a holster, and a box of FMJ range ammo for $800.

Nothing by Chiappa.

If it's a "project" gun, where some parts need replaced, that's fine so long as the work needed doesn't require a full-blown gun smith.  I'll gladly replace grips, a barrel, etc, but I haven't the skills to be doing a lot of heavy work.



ZerCool said...

I've been exceedingly happy with my Springfield Armory "GI"... but for someone looking for a new 1911 in .45, I'd strongly recommend one of the following:
Springfield Armory RO (list is $900, street is $800ish) (Brazil)
Ruger SR1911 (US)
One of the Rock Island offerings (Philippines)

If it was my money, it'd be a commander-size Ruger... or the Springer in 9mm.

Old NFO said...

Zer's recommendations are good ones! And Springers are good pistols.