August 13, 2015

Three guns

I'm wagering that this discussion is older than dirt, but what the hey, I need something to do while on hold with a vendor's technical support.

Here's the question: What three guns would you select if you could ONLY have 3 of your current guns for all your purposes?

The restrictions: They need to be fairly reasonable to obtain.  That is, I should be able to head to the local Gander Mountain or Cabela's and pick one up, rather than try to outbid every single person on Armslist.   Ammo for the guns should be reasonably accessible as well.

Every adult in your home should be able to shoot the gun.

You are not restricted to any accessories or optics, other than as listed above (you already own it, reasonable, fairly affordable, etc.)

Here's my three, in no particular order:

My Gen 3 Glock 19.

My Mossberg 500 12G shotgun combo (smooth barrel and slug barrel) and Bushnell 3-9x40 scope on top.

My Marlin .22LR with the Weaver 4x scope.


That Mossberg will (heck, HAS) serve to take down ducks, pheasant, deer, and would probably take a wild pig.  And home defense, naturally.  

The Glock rides on my hip.

The Marlin covers smaller game like rabbit.  Also it's good for practice.

So, what three guns in your safe would you pick?


Murphy's Law said...

Handgun: My Smith and Wesson Model 66 K-frame that can handle .38 Special and .357 loads. It's simple and reliable and very effective, and ammo acquisition for it should be on the easier side, relatively speaking. It'll also knock a deer down at close range.

Shotgun: Remington 870 12ga., with both 20" slug barrel and 28" vent-rib interchangeable choke tube. This one will put food on the table. If it runs or flies, this shotgun will harvest it.

My AR-15A2 20" HBAR, because it will reach out farther than a typical AR or AK carbine, and with 62gr. rounds, penetrates well. Ammo is lighter than .30, which means I can carry more, and with the drop-in conversion, it'll shoot .22lr in a pinch.

All guns are common, meaning that repair parts might be obtainable, at least to a greater degree than say parts for a Benelli or a Tavor. They also don't stand out and draw attention to me like something motre exotic would, say a SCAR Heavy or a SPAS-12. Rule #14 on the battlefield: Try to be inconspicuous and look unimportant; the enemy may be low on ammo.

LawDog said...

Python, Mossy 590A1, Wichester 94... Done.