May 11, 2015

Just a little patience RIGHT THE HELL NOW

Elder Spawn is approaching 15 years of age, and she's got about 7 times more mouth than ass to put behind it.

I'm getting sass and attitude and back talk on a daily basis, and I'm nearing my breaking point. 

Missus JB is every bit as flustered too, but it seems that nothing works to curb the attitude. 

I've decided it's time to start deleting things until she shapes up.  Cell phone, gone. User account on her laptop, locked.  Considering putting a pass code on the cable box for the TV, but then Spawn the Younger word suffer too, and that's not fair.

How the hell did we get to a spot where 14 year old kids think it is OK to tell an adult "Shut up, you're such an idiot"?  I can't grasp this... it never would have crossed my mind to speak to an adult that way and if I had done so, my mother would have knocked my ass into the next time zone.

I know a lot of folks will say "The teen years are the hardest and you just have to be patient and teen girls are the worst" and I just need to wait it out.

Problem is, I don't know if I can (wait it out.)  Historically I'm not given to a great deal of patience.

So how does one learn to be patient when dealing with kids?  Because if it was anyone else speaking to me or my wife like that, I'd knock their damn teeth out. 

Patience.... *hack*spit*

1 comment:

Murphy's Law said...

That kinda of back-talk when I was that age would have resulted in me getting a mouthful of soap...and privileges cut.