April 13, 2015

Random Pictures from NRAAM - Nashville

Because the Interwebz likes gun pictures... OK, they're not ALL gun pictures.  But they are all pictures from the NRA Annual Meeting trip this past weekend.

A smattering of the guns we had on Thursday at the farm of two very good friends.  We had a LOT more, and we shot them all with great frequency.

The Thursday range.  There was a plain-jane plywood target, home made swinging steel plate rack, and we had 2/3 of a box of clays for the shot guns.

The Thursday gang, after shooting, eating some brats and burgers and kielbasa and pasta salad and chips and salsa and deer summer sausage and more burgers and beer and more beer and more beer...

One of the coolest things I saw all week.  A decorative shelf with a hidden compartment for your gat.  KRISS Vector not included.

A double magazine holder for your AR.  A bit of derp, IMHO, but whatev.

Ambulance Driver exploring the built-in bipod on the Steyr Scout Rifle.

Pocket holster.  Not sure I'm a fan of pocket pistols in general, nor of holsters that include material in the trigger guard.  I'm not saying it's UN-safe, but it's the general idea of "don't touch the trigger until you want to shoot" that this holster seems to violate.

Because nothing says "Get off my lawn" like a gatling gun...

... Unless it's a triple barrel shotgun.

Charter Arms had their entire shipment of guns go missing on them.  Yellow Freight states "Not our fault, we delivered to the destination and have a signature", but nobody can find the box.  That's bad enough, and it will get ugly, but worse is that the case had some guns that cannot be replaced: The second one they ever made, the 250,000th one, the millionth one, etc.  

A couple pictures of Ambulance Driver lecturing at the Shooter Self Care class.  A truly great half-day class, and HIGHLY recommended.  

And finally: A Booth Babe.  Because nothing sells guns like a young lady in a tight dress with big boobs and sexy legs.


Old NFO said...

It was good to see you, and thanks for helping out on the class!

Murphy's Law said...

It was a most excellent week-end, and like NFO said, thanks for offering your time and knowledge to the others in the class.

Now that booth babe..did you get her number? The one that she gave me doesn't seem to work. Must have written it down wrong...