April 10, 2015

NRA Annual Meeting Initial Thoughts

Some observations from Day 1 at the NRA Annual Meeting:

* There are a LOT of people here. I'm not afraid of crowds, but I'm not super comfortable in them, either.

* It's kinda remarkable how many vendors are here. There is a lot of money in the gun industry and gun accessories.  At some point, it becomes repetitive (how different can your ammo be, really?)

* The assorted politicians speaking are not really saying anything interesting. So far, they've all mentioned how much they like guns, how they love God and the Bible and 'Murrica and how the liberals all suck.  Echo chamber stuff.

* Got a few vendors willing to donate to KTKC  this year. Very cool.

* The Taurus Curve is way too small for my hands.

* I want a Barrett 50 cal.

* Everyone is quite polite... "Excuse me, Sir" and "Beg your pardon, ma'am" are the most frequently stated comments.

More tomorrow with pictures.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, AMAZINGLY polite...