April 6, 2015


I'm headed to Nashville this week on Thursday for the NRAAM.

Actually, I'm really going so I can see some pals like TOTWTYTR, Ambulance Driver, JayG, etc. and so Missus JB can hang with her Sister-From-Another-Mister who also lives in the area.

Thursday is going to be the drive, then later that afternoon we're meeting at a friend's place for some shooting, grilling, eating, meeting, beer drinking, and telling lies fabrications stories and general camaraderie.

Friday I'll be hitting the convention floor, coon-fingering everything I can, wishing I had more money than I do, and just enjoying time with my friends.  Missus an' her pal are going to be doing whatever it is they do.

Saturday I'm helping teach the Shooter Self Care class in the morning, then we're heading home Saturday afternoon.

This place will be kinda quiet for a bit.  Y'all help yourselves to the links in the blog roll.  If you're going to Nashville as well, holler at me and maybe we can catch up.

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