April 17, 2015

Careful what you ask for...

Peter over at Bayou Renaissance Man has a neat story up about George Lucas sticking it to the locals when they threw a fit and objected to his plans.

I posted one story over there along the same lines, but was reminded of another today:

An ex girlfriend of mine was married once before we met.  She worked as an ER and ICU nurse, and her then-husband was going through medical school to become a physician.  As is the case, you don't make much money in medical school, nor in residency -- a doctor friend of mine mentioned that residency worked out to about $7.50 an hour when he did the math -- and you rack up a metric s--t ton of debt.

At any rate, she stood by his side faithfully, working 60 hour weeks to get the overtime to pay for their life, turned down a really nice position because it would have required moving and he could not relocate because of his residency, etc. etc.  In short, she carried him for 6 years or so.

Now, quelle surprise, when he finished his residency and passed his board certification exams, he "suddenly" decided that he didn't want to be married any longer, and let's just part ways and shake hands and best of luck and oh-by-the-way-we-need-to-split-things-fifty-fifty.

Somewhat incensed, but ever pragmatic, she agreed.  A fifty-fifty split.  Half way, down the middle.

So she pulled the cork out of every single bottle of wine in the collection (100+ bottles), poured half down the drain, and handed him the other half of the bottle.

She sold their competitive jumping horse to her trainer for $1.00 (even got a bill of sale), and handed him a pair of quarters.

Reached for an original RC Gorman painting (valued around $8,000) and a pair of scissors and asked "left half, or right half?"*

Sometimes, what you say you want isn't what you *really* want.

Careful what you wish for... you just might get it.

* The Gorman survived.

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Old NFO said...

AH yes, I've seen something similar on the courthouse steps back in the day over a contentious divorce... It WAS a spectator sport that day.