March 8, 2015

The Big Thaw

Finally starting to thaw a bit here at Casa JB.

It's been a winter of brutal temperatures, made worst by brutal winds (living on the flats as we do, with little to break up the gusts once the corn is harvested, makes for a breezy situation.)

We made it through the winter fine, compared to last year.  Last winter involved frozen pipes to the washing machine, my Heep spending the winter outside, a frozen battery in said Heep, and we ran through the firewood by middle February.  We don't need the wood for heating, but it is nice to have it for the fireplace and as a "backup" option, should the electricity go out and we can't run the furnace.

Anyway, this year we did better.  I still have a handful of logs on the wood pile, I spent last summer re-organizing the garage to make space for both our vehicles, and we hit the canning of food pretty hard last fall.  There are plenty of green beans, tomato pasta sauce, carrots, etc. still in the pantry, and while the meat freezer is getting thin, I still have some venison left (gonna make venison Shepherd's Pie for the Missus tonight.)

It's warming up this week, and not a moment too soon.  Dogs are getting cabin fever like the rest of us (I'm not letting the Spawn sit in front of the TV on Wednesday, since it should be near 60 degrees... they can go outside and burn off some energy) and I'm really looking forward to opening the windows and letting a breeze fill the house.

That, and I'm really wanting to go shooting, and I'm too much of a wimp to go to the range in single digit temps.

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