March 8, 2015

Parts, please

So I've decided that I'm finally going to get busy building out the next AR-15.  I won a lower and matching upper from the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser a couple years ago, and just haven't had the spare coin or time to build it.  But now I've got a bit of both, and it's going to get done.

Since I have an AR in the standard 5.56 NATO, I decided that this next is going to be in .300 BLK, and rather than all-black, I'm going FDE.

That's as far as I've gotten.

I don't have any particular niche this will fill.  No matter the cartridge, I can't use it for hunting deer in Indiana (unless they pass the new cartridge regulation suggestions, but given that it wasn't until 2006 that Indiana adopted Daylight Savings Time, I'm not hopeful for rapid change from the state gummermint), so the primary purpose, like all my other rifles at the moment, is target shooting.  I want it to be accurate out to 200 yards, just in case I *can* someday use it on Bambi's daddy, but otherwise, I've got no specific needs.

So, now I need suggestions on parts.  Logic tells me the first place is a lower parts kit, with trigger and grip, then add the barrel.

Price is a factor.  I'm not eating rice and pintos daily, but I also don't wipe my ass with a Ben Franklin.  So keep the suggestions in the "reasonable" range, please.

And go.


ZerCool said...

Wandered over courtesy Tam. I've got a Rock River National Match 2-stage LPK in my 300Blk and like it very much. No, it's not a Geissele or Timney, but it's a complete LPK with a much-improved trigger for $120ish.

I don't know Indy-land laws; if you can shorten/quieten the rifle it's definitely worth considering a 8-10" SBR and the associated stamps. Just build it as a pistol until the SBR stamp arrives. :-)

Barrel ... I'd just find a known-decent manufacturer with a pricetag and length you like.

Jeff B said...

Cool, thanks. I snagged a Spikes lower parts kit, but will look into the Rock River one you mention, and perhaps sell the Spikes.

Old NFO said...

Go with Zer's idea... Look at Bravo Tactical for the barrel/upper they have a pretty good rep! and this is worth reviewing...

TimD said...

As far as "No matter the cartridge" 458 Socom, 450 Bushmaster or 50 Beowulf should meet the hunting regs.