March 15, 2015

Need Ammo

Well, technically my friend Julia needs ammo.

As she's come to discover, her father has an old rife in .303 Savage.  He, being a generous and unselfish sort, has been giving what spare coin he has to his community, his church, etc.  And, as a retired factory worker who still works on his own farm, what spare coin he has is sparse indeed.

Julia was talking to him about that old rifle and he mentioned that he used to love shooting, but hasn't in several years for a variety of reasons: It's not compliant with Indiana's limits on cartridges for deer hunting (you can google those regulations if you want, but the "tl,dr" version is this: Handgun loads only in rifles... .44 Mag and the like.  Things like .270 Winchester or 30-30 or 303 Savage are out) is the biggest one.

Lack of money for ammo to go to the range is the other reason.  And perhaps the biggest.

At any rate, Julia wants to get her dad a box or three of ammunition for his rifle as a gift so he can once again enjoy the pleasure of going to the range and slinging lead and smelling the cordite and feeling the recoil and hearing the "CLANG" of a steel target.

I did a quick check of Ammo Seek dot com, and only two hits.

Any sources of .303 Savage are welcomed.


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Old NFO said...

I can pick some up at the next CHantilly gun show. They usually have at least one dealer there with some.