January 9, 2015

And the Hit Just Keep On Coming

Middle of last August, we noticed that the house at Casa d' JB wasn't quite as cool as one might expect with central air conditioning running.  Went to the vent, felt what would best be described as room temperature air coming out.  A quick inspection of the central air unit showed ice on the pipe that goes into the house.  That indicates a coolant leak, which is usually due to a leak in the core.  Being a 15 year old unit, it cannot be repaired, only replaced.

That will cost us a couple grand.

Spawn the Younger is getting treated by the orthodontist, with braces, a palate expander, and some pretty high-tech head-gear.

That's costing us a couple grand.

Wife.gov needed new tires and a brake job on her car, so we took it into the shop for necessary repairs and upkeep.

That set us back a grand.

And now, last night on the way home from work, I stopped at the package store for a six pack of beer and a pack of smokes (I know.)  It's been cold the past few days in East Central Indiana, with wind chills in the negative ten range, but Jeepers has been a reliable trooper, I just put a new battery in last winter, new spark plugs and a fuel system cleaning a month ago, and an oil change two weeks ago.  Paid for my purchase, went outside to head for the homestead, and the Jeep failed to start.  It cranked once, then wouldn't crank again.  Turn the key off, wait a few, tried again, same result.  Thinking it was a dead battery, perhaps, I was fortunate enough that another patron had a big ol' GMC 2500 Sierra truck with dual batteries and lots of power.  Offered him five bucks for a jump start (he refused the money, offered the jump start anyway -- there ARE good people in the world), but no dice.

So I had it towed to the shop, where it will be inspected and probably set me back another grand or more.

I'm selling a kidney, if anyone is in the market.



Old NFO said...

Look on the bright side, that's #3, so you're done for a while. Seriously, sorry to hear that.

Jeff B said...

Turned out that I needed to replace:
1. Starter.
2. Ignition coil.
3. Water pump.

Oh, and a blown fuse that runs the cooling fan (not a concern in single digit temps, but since they had the thing apart and it was only $7 or so...)

$600+ total.

On the bright side, it starts better than it ever did, and runs like a champ.