September 2, 2014

I Has a Sad

The Mistress of Snark, Tam, has decided to close up shop on her blog.

Her writing was always worth my time, and more than one sip of coffee in the morning ended up forcefully exiting my nose when she did what she did best... Take a simple story and rip it asunder like a hungry puma on a hapless fawn in the woods.

In the end, she had enough of the consistent and unwelcome harassment of one of her readers.  It was to the point of stalking and that's just too creepy to have to deal with daily.

As Vonnegut would say, so it goes.  

She will be missed as part of my daily reads.


Shane W said...

If we're lucky her cyberstalker will fall under a bus or ten

Old NFO said...

You me and many others... +1 on Shane...