July 20, 2014

Scope Adjustments, Gun Pr0n, and Badly Needed Therapy

Because the interwebz loves gun pictures, because I've got nothing worth sharing, and because my wife loves me...

For a combination birthday/Father's Day gift, my wife provided me with this:

A Bushnell AR2x illuminated scope for my AR-15.  It has a T shaped reticle, and can switch from green to red.  Me like very much.  Here it is, mounted on my AR.

I mounted it myself, and my "boresighting" was done by looking at it and saying "Yeah, that seems pretty well centered on the gun..."

I know, I know.

At any rate, today being a bluebird day in East Central Hoosier Land, and being bereft of company (the Spawn are with their dad this weekend, wife.gov is working), I grabbed some targets, a box of American Eagle bulk 5.56, and the gun case and headed out.

Here's the first target, and those two in the 6 ring were the first two sent.

I started dialing the adjustments up in "a handful of clicks" before sending another couple rounds down range.  I was shooting at 50 yards, mostly because my eyesight is poor enough that seeing the bull at 100 yards without at least 4x magnification is nigh-impossible for me.  At any rate, in absolutely NO wind, at 50 yards, using bulk ammo, I finally managed to get it pretty close.

(Fortunately the range was empty except for me, so nobody saw me do the Snoopy Dance when that one hit the dead center...)

Replaced the target, and shot off a final group of four.  I don't know if I need to dial it to the right a few clicks, or if that was my mistake.

At any rate, I suspect more testing is in order.  You know, to make sure it didn't get knocked off center during the 15 minute drive home.

Oh, and for Gun Pr0n, I picked up this beauty yesterday:

The standard Mossberg 500A 12G pump shotgun.  I've been running a Mossberg Silver Reserve O/U for a couple years, and found that I can bust up some clays with general regularity.  Last fall, in Texas during Epic Duck Hunt the Ist, I used my Father-In-Law's 500 and found that I really liked it.  I prefer the safety where it is on the 500, rather than the location on a Remington 870, and the price was right at $225.  Couldn't pass up a chance like that, so now I've got a pump shotgun.

Today was a good day.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, a click or three right would have you dead on. Nice looking Mossy too!

Brigid said...

That is one fine looking firearm.