June 24, 2014

What to Carry, My Input

Couple weeks back, buddy of mine who enjoys shooting but is just now getting into the idea of daily Concealed Carry asked the eternal question "What should I get for Concealed Carry?"

This question has no single answer and has been the subject of many debates and derision on the Al Gore Interwebz.  Here is my reply to him:

First and foremost, my biggest advice is this: Find a gun that you enjoy shooting.  Something that fits your hand, you can control, and you enjoy shooting every single day.  Granted, with ammo prices what they are, you probably won't be shooting every day, but the point is this: If you have a gun you like, you're more inclined to practice. 

I carry a Taurus PT145 Millenium, which is a sub-compact 10 round single stack .45ACP, loaded with 230 grain +P jacketed hollow points, in a custom Robert Mika holster.  I like it because it fits easily inside the waistband of jeans or shorts (be sure you have a good, stiff, quality leather belt) and is easily concealed by simply leaving my outside layer untucked.  I can conceal it by wearing a polo shirt or an un-tucked t-shirt.  The trigger has a long take-up, but a short reset, and if I can find the spare coin, I'll get a new trigger someday. 

I have, in the past, carried a Glock 19 as a concealed pistol, but I'd only do that in the winter, when I had on additional (and bulky) layers, because it prints far too much under a regular t-shirt. 

I've never had a problem with any Glock... As far as durability and simplicity goes, they are pretty much at the top.  Never fired a G30, though. 

Smith and Wesson makes the Shield, which is a NICE small CCW pistol.  Another option is a Ruger LC9, which is pretty compact, but only carries 7+1. 

Me, I'm not a big "Carry a lot of rounds" guy... If I need to fire my sidearm to defend myself or my family, I'm also going to be de-assing the area as fast as I can... I'm under no delusions that I'll be trading rounds for an hour and that I'll lose if I don't have that second 15 round magazine. 

I also stay out of the debate over "Stopping power vs. capacity" bull.  Friend of mine carries a S&W Bodyguard 380, loaded with +P rounds.  He shoots groups that are tighter than virgin pussy, and does it under stress, off-handed, etc.  Why?  Because he PRACTICES.  If you can put two rounds into a head under stress, the dude is either going down or he's wearing a kevlar face shield, which you should have noticed when you obtained your sight picture. 

Most important, repeated: Find a gun you like, that you can conceal easily, and get thy ass to the range for practice. 

So there's my take. It ain't the hardware, it is the user interface.  If you can pull, aim, and shoot reliably,  one gun is as good as any other.

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Old NFO said...

Concur with all... And PRACTICE!!!