June 17, 2014

I'll Take Misandry For Fifty Bajillion, Alex

Can you imagine the anger, hatred, and loathing that it takes to write something like this?

I'm really quite speechless.  In one hand, I pity her for being so narrow minded that she can't see beyond her own narrow mindset and accept that, just perhaps, there are men who DON'T rape women.  There are those of us who are willing to fight and die to protect a woman from rape, and (would that we had sons... I have two daughters) would teach the same to our progeny.  

In the other hand, I shake my head in sorrowful amazement that anyone could be this bitter.

And people wonder why men aren't in such a rush to get married and have children.  Why should we, when this is how we are viewed?  Because I'm a man, I'm a "Rape Instructor"?  How would Ms. Polwright feel if I said "#End_Mother's_Day: Girls don't need someone to teach them how to max out a credit card"? 

UPDATE: It appears that this might be a hoax, and there's more here: http://www.inquisitr.com/1297448/endfathersday-hashtag-hoax-tricks-twitter/

Still, even if it IS a hoax, can someone explain to me how it's FUNNY?  Because I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be funny if it was done against women.  If I perpetuated such a hoax against women, then said "Oh, come on, it was a joke and a hoax... It's funny!" I'm fairly certain I'd have to go to sensitivity classes or something.

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Old NFO said...

Not funny, but because we're male, we're a fair and appropriate target... and if you're a WASP male, even more so...