April 5, 2014

Range Observations

Managed to have a Bachelor Day: wife.gov is working her "Every Fifth Weekend" rotation and the Spawn are with their biological dad, so I'm flying solo for the day. 

Add in a decent weather day and no school work, and it is time to go burn thru some ammo. 

A couple observations:

1) I need a better trigger on my Taurus.  That or I need a HELL of a lot of practice to get used to that trigger.  Because the long take-up and sudden break had me flinching way too much.  Finally managed to get a fair group of rounds, but the first five were all over.  For a carry pistol, that won't do. 

2) I shot almost 200 rounds of .22LR and 50 rounds of .45ACP.  Or, at today's prices, "Half the GDP of Honduras".  I am quite glad that I stocked up years ago before panic pricing began. 

3) My Marlin .22 rifle was my dad's, given to him as a gift for his 12th birthday.  That thing is well over 40 years old, and as accurate as the loose nut behind the trigger can make it.  Tight groups at 25 yards with bulk ammo makes for a happy JB.

4) I hope this nice weather continues... I need more days like this. 

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Old NFO said...

Nice group is right, and getting to the range on a regular basis IS important!!!