February 23, 2014

Seen on FaceCrack

Here's a picture that tells you volumes of the mindset of people, if you stop to think about it:

How many different levels of FAIL can you count in one picture?

1.  First, let's dispense with the obvious: Stand Your Ground and carrying a firearm have NOTHING to do with each other.  You can SYG and not be armed.  You can be armed and retreat from a dangerous situation.  Stand Your Ground, for the uneducated, simply means this: You are not legally required to run away if someone is attacking you.  You have a codified legal right to protect yourself using violent means if another person is bringing violence against you or your companion(s).  Basically, it says "If you have to fight back, you can, and we won't charge you with a crime if you do."

THAT is all "Stand Your Ground" says.  No more.  If you're walking along, MYOMFB*, not doing nothing, and someone attacks you with deadly or near-deadly force, you can fight back.  If the other person gets hurt or killed, so be it.  Obviously, there's a burden of proof... You can't claim SYG when the other person was 100 feet away and armed with a Swiss Army knife, but if he's on top of you and raining down punches, you have a right to fight back.

2.  Carrying in bar doesn't mean every pub, tavern, and gin joint is going to erupt with bloodshed.  Indiana, my home, allows carrying in bars.  Heck, you can even have a beer while carrying (though, I should note, that drinking while carrying is generally a bad idea, and I would suggest that if you're carrying your gat, you need to leave the booze alone.)  You can't be intoxicated while carrying -- that's a no-no and could be cause for your carry permit to be revoked -- but there's nothing saying you can't stop in the pub to socialize with friends while armed.  Allowing legal firearm carriers to carry in a bar means they don't need to unholster and lock the gun in the trunk or glove box before going in to join friends for wings and the hockey game.  That's all.  I carry in bars quite often: Stop in at Scotty's Brewhouse for a burger and the IU game, carrying.  Went to Buffalo Wild Wings, loaded.  Hit up an Applebee's once, Glock on the hip.  And yet, I never shot anyone.  How can that be?  Wasn't something supposed to go wrong?

3.  This picture suggests that inside ever person with a license to carry a firearm is a raging homicidal maniac, yearning to breathe free.  My experience with lawful gun owners is quite the opposite.  To a person, every one of them wakes up and says some variation* of the following: "Dear Lord, I hope I don't have to shoot anyone today.  Amen."  If I spend the rest of my life putting holes into nothing more than Zombie Lawyer targets and the occasional metal spinner plate, I will consider it a life well lived.  None of my shooting associates (and I have a few of them...) have any desire to shoot another human.  Don't confuse that with willingness, however: Desire and Ability are not the same.  I am *willing* to defend myself and my family from deadly violence, up to and including sacrificing my own life so my wife and daughters would survive.  But I don't really *want* to do that.  I will, but I'd prefer not having to make that decision.  Yet here we see the insinuation that if we let two men into a bar and they start to disagree over the Designated Hitter Rule in baseball, then suddenly the lead is going to fly.

4.  Finally, we have a screen capture from a movie being used to make the point.  And, seriously, if you need to resort to Hollywood make-believe scenarios to enforce your point, you've already lost, m'kay?

This is the mindset of the anti-gun people, and it's why I simply can't bring myself to take their position seriously.  They fabricate situations and beliefs, assume that gun owners subscribe to those beliefs, then ridicule us for beliefs that we don't have.

A pox on their houses.

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Old NFO said...

Concur... it's the blood in the street mantra again... sigh