January 12, 2014

Writing for the Future

Decided to try a little project with the daughters.  I created them both an account with Google (Yes, I know...) and I'm sending them an email every other day or so, adding a few pictures of our lives as we grow, making little videos and saving them, and so forth.  A digital diary, if you will.  

When they turn 18, I'll hand them the username and password.

Might be 5+ years of effort for nothing, but we shall see.

At any rate, writing emails now, knowing they won't be read for years, is kinda challenging.  I find that I need to pay extra close attention to the tense (past, present, etc.) and I'm re-re-reading things over and over to ensure they sound right.  I guess I should probably be doing that anyway, but I generally don't.  I'll typically write something, just letting the words flow from the fingers, read it once to check punctuation, and post it.

It's different, that's for sure.

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Old NFO said...

That sounds like one helluva project!