January 18, 2014

Dear Sears: Go Pound Sand

Dryer went on the blink a few weeks ago.  Drum turns, but no heat.

Replaced the heating coil and both thermal cut-off fuses, but still nothing.

Finally gave up and called in to have a technician come out and fix the damn thing.  Paid $200, which was to cover all parts and all labor, and if it couldn't be repaired then I'd get the same amount in a credit towards a new dryer.

So, appointment was set for yesterday, 1300-1700.  Around 1615, the guy hadn't shown up yet, so wife.gov called him and it seems that he'd forgotten the appointment and he was at another customer site and can we re-schedule it to another day and oh shit I'm really sorry and thanks for calling Sears and please don't be mad at me and I'm really sorry....

... Five minutes later, we get an automatic robo-call from Sears, telling us that we need to call this 800 number to reschedule our service appointment.

I called 'em, and at 1645 last night, they told me they would have someone here TODAY.

This morning, I call, and they tell me that nobody is available today and we can reschedule for 27 January and they can understand why I'm frustrated and blah blah blah....

Um, no.  You have NO idea why I'm frustrated.  My daughters had a cheerleader competition today that I had to skip so I could sit here and wait for you to show up, which you aren't going to do.

So, let me talk to the Supervisor.

Finally, I tell them "You know what, cancel the damn appointment.  Give me my money back.  I'll find someone else to fix this, and you can say goodbye to a customer."  At the end, there was a "Give Us Feedback!" survey sent to my email: A 0-10 scale plus a section where I could write details.  That section was limited to 1000 characters, so here's what I wrote:

WORST customer service I've experienced in 41 years. Made an appointment on 08 Jan to have technician repair my dryer on 17 Jan. Technician never showed up. Called evening of 17 Jan, cust. service agent said someone would be here on 18 Jan. Changed my personal schedule to be here, and on 18 Jan was informed that nobody was available until 27 Jan. Cust. service agent did nothing to try to make it right for me, the customer. I have lost two days of my time waiting on Sears to keep their end of the agreement. Sears would not allow me to keep the necessary part unless I paid for it as compensation for two lost days and a MAJOR inconvenience. Nobody at Sears cares that I have wasted time and effort on this. Nobody at Sears gave any indication that I am valued as a customer. Therefore, I am resolved that I will never again spend my money at Sears. I've purchased a washer/dryer, refrigerator, and numerous tools from Sears. You have lost a customer for life. Good riddance to you.

(FYI, that's 1000 characters EXACTLY.)

As far as I'm concerned, Sears can go eat a big bag of dicks.  I would STRONGLY encourage you to spend your money elsewhere.


Brigid said...

I did pick up some tools at a Sears Hardware going out of business (surprise) but haven't shopped an actual Sears since they launched the Kardashian line of shabby, ugly overpriced clothing.

TOTWTYTR said...

We've had uneven experiences with Sears service for my appliances. On the good, they gave us a new refrigerator to replace one that they couldn't fix. On the bad, their wait times on ignore used to be measured with a calendar, not a stop watch.

We actually got a free year of service from them because they screwed up so much.

At one point there were so many complaints from so many people that they totally revamped their service system.

Well around here, obviously not where you live.