December 3, 2013

Scope Suggestions

Needing a scope for my AR-15.  Flattop upper, has A2 front sight, fold-down rear sight, and I can hit close to my aim fairly regular out to, oh, 25-30 yards.  Beyond that, I can't see well enough to get close.
So, gonna put a scope on it.  Here's where y'all come in.

Before you send me off on a shopping spree, there are a few things I should mention, as they might influence your recommendations.

1. I'm no long range competition shooter.  If I can keep 'em in the 9 ring at 100 yards, I'll be happy.  For now, anyway, until such time that I have more time and money to practice.

2. Speaking of money, I'm on a budget.  Not a "pintos and rice for dinner" budget, but I ain't wiping my arse with Benjamins, dig?  Yes, I could go get the Super-Deluxe-Ultra-Tacticool Blast-o-Scope 6000 from some German company that I've never heard of, drop $2000 in the process, and STILL manage to get 'em inside the 9 ring at 100, but if I did that my next stop would be the local men's shelter, because Missus JB would kick me out and have me in divorce court.  Try to keep this scope in the "sub-or-just-above-$200" range, if you please.

3. I wear eye glasses for EVERYTHING, except showers, sleeping, and sex.  Without my prescription eye glasses, I can't see the ground I'm walking on, and have tried shooting without them before, to no success.  So, the scope needs to be able to accommodate my glasses.  Seriously, the right eye is 20/480 and the left is slightly worse.  I'm legally blind without them.

4. This is a target gun, the occasional hog-hunting gun, and maybe, some day, a 3 Gun competition gun.  It isn't for reaching out to 600 yards to dust a prairie dog.  If I want to do that, I'll borrow OldNFO's SCAR.  :o)

5. Weather in Indiana covers the entire spectrum... Hot and humid, cold and wintery, rainy, and all points between.  I'll shoot in most anything, because I like to shoot and I have sufficient clothes to do so.  But the scope should be able to hold up to modest weather.

So, there ya have it.  What ya got?

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Old NFO said...

In order of preferencee (and no you can't 'borrow' the SCAR...) :-)

Leupold Mark AR 3-9x40mm- $375 ish

Weaver V-7 2-7X32- $175 ish

Nikon P-223 3-9x40 Mate BDC 600- $150 ish

Figure another $75 in good quality mounts.