December 31, 2013

Man Gifts

One of the things I really like about my wife is her down-to-Earth personality and approach to things.  She's capable of wearing a teal cocktail dress, heels, jewelry, and going to a fancy joint for a meal, but she would RATHER sit down over a plate of nachos, a pitcher of beer, and watch the football game at Scotty's Brewhouse.

Her favorite outfit is a pair of comfy jeans, an old flannel shirt of mine, and her boots.  She's regular-type folk.

And she gets that from her parents.

So, this year, her dad/my father-in-law was given my "Wish List" for Christmas gifts, and he set forth:

1 Dremel 200 rotary tool with assorted attachments.
1 Jigsaw.
1 box of 5.56 ammo, 55 grain, FMJ, 120 count.
1 Indianapolis Colts sweatshirt.
1 fleece lined flannel shirt, XL-Tall.
1 l.l. Bean "River Driver" shirt.

All of these are ME.  They are my kind of gifts.



Things I can have for years (well, except the ammo).  Things that will be used around the Stately JB Manor.

Things that have real-world utility.

They are the kinds of gifts that I would give my son, were I to have one.

I've had worse people in my life.

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