November 18, 2013

Quite a weekend

Friday, as I was leaving work, Missus JB texted me to let me know that there was a reported "gunman" on the campus of local Higher Ed University, and that it would be wise to avoid going anywhere near the campus.

In the end, turned out there was no gunman.  Some student was overheard running through the hall shouting "Gun! Gun!" but the police never found anyone carrying a firearm, so after several hours of lock-down and searching, they declared all to be well and let life resume.  

Saturday, I managed to sneak off to the woods for the first day of firearm deer season here in Hoosier-ville.  I've got a tree stand set up on a small whack of public land just east of Casa d' JB, and it's about a 15 minute drive and a 5 minute walk from my place.  Donned the camo, put my hunter orange vest and stocking cap on, grabbed the Remington Mohawk 11-48 and a box of slugs, and went out.  Didn't see anything, but I did hear a fair number of shots ring out in the surrounding countryside.  I deduced that one guy needs to either dial in his scope better or calm down a bit when acquiring his target: As many shots as he fired in a row, he HAD to have missed.

At any rate, a few hours in the stand were relaxing, if fruitless (well, deer-less), so I packed it in.  We had a dinner event to attend Saturday evening.  The local food bank had an annual fundraiser, so we bought our tickets and got dressed up (I wore a tie, even) and went to the dinner.  Lovely time, relaxing, good grub.

Sunday brought a line of storms through the area, and we were under a tornado warning for 15 minutes or so.  A lot of wind, a fair bit of rain, and some branches down in the yard that I'll tend to this evening, but otherwise we escaped unscathed.  Others were less fortunate, so if you could spare a few positive thoughts for them, that'd be great.

So: Reports of a gunman on campus, a fundraiser dinner event, and a line of storms with 60+ mph winds.  How was YOUR weekend?

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