October 2, 2013

KTKC Completed

Kilted to Kick Cancer 2013 is done.  Complete.  Fini.

This idea was born of an idea back in 2011, when Happy Medic and Motor Cop decided to raise some awareness of male-specific cancer, and Ambulance Driver decided that raising MONEY for those cancers would be even better.

A rag-tag group, mostly EMS and gun bloggers, picked up the idea and ran with it.  Truly a grassroots movement, this little thing we do has raised over $50,000 in 90 days (September of '11, '12, and '13).

Not bad work, lads.

I finished in third place for funds overall, behind Jay_G and Justin (although, to be fair, Justin did a fundraising event and raised $800 in a single night (note to self: See about something like that next year...), but as Justin declared himself ineligible for prizes, I'm finishing the month with a new AR-15 upper/lower from Dreadnaught Industries.

So, I guess I'll be building a new AR-15 as I can scrape together the spare coin.  That's not a bad problem to have, really.

If you get a chance, be sure to swing by our prize sponsors and drop them a line, let them know how much you appreciate their support.  Virginia Arms has donated a gun every year for the prize pool.  Brownell's has donated hundreds and hundreds of dollars in gift cards.  Michael's Custom Holsters and Dragon Leatherworks have donated.  York Arms donated.  Black Hills Ammo donated.

Keep them in mind next time you open your wallet to buy ammo, holsters, etc.

Thanks to all who chipped in to my efforts.  I'll be drawing the home brew winner later today, and I'll have kilted duck hunt pictures up in November.

Stay kilted, my friends.

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Brigid said...

Thank you all for a job well done!