September 24, 2013

Final Challenge

Alright. This is it. Gauntlet, thrown. Emphatically.

I'm second overall in KTKC fundraising, and my bald headed moustached friend Jay_G from Mass-a-chew-shit is in first.

So, to motivate my troops: If Jay finishes on top, I will wear a New England Patriots t shirt (as he provides) and post a pic here. If I finish atop the donations, Jay will wear a Indianapolis Colts shirt that I provide and post a pic.

I want that Ruger, folks.  My daughter wants to learn to shoot pistol, and a 22/45 is the ideal platform for this.

"For the children".

Yes, I'm ~$700 behind, but I throw my gauntlet anyway... Why? Because I believe in the Colts Nation.


Getting me to wear a Pats shirt is as close to blasphemy as an agnostic can get.  Why, you might as well try to get me to say I hate bacon, believe in gun control, or think Purdue is a quality university.

But I'm willing to debase myself in the name of raising money for Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Go,click, donate.

Do me proud. Jay_G, want the wager?

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