September 9, 2013

Enticements, Part the Second

OK, fine. If Ambulance Driver can up the ante for KTKC, so can I...

Earlier this year, I ordered a new "Tactical Duty Kilt" from 5.11, and since I'm, well, ME, I ordered it in RealTree AP camo pattern. It won't be delivered until after Sept., but if you guys get me to my fund raising goal of $1500, I'll wear that kilt* while duck hunting this November. And I'll have witnesses. Missus JB will take photos, I'll post them here.

Think about this: My scrawny, pasty white legs in a camo kilt, sitting in a blind, in November, freezing my... well you get the idea... off, while wielding a 12G shotgun.

Because 'MURRICA!

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If you can't donate, you CAN get checked.

(* In proper fashion and style, of course.)

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