September 4, 2013

Enticements for KTKC '13

JayG offers ammo, a custom AR-15 lower, and assorted goodies.  If I didn't have enough (for now), I'd consider donating to him just for a chance at the ammo.  Or the AR lower.  Because RACE GUN!

Ambulance Drive is offering up some LawDog originals.  Worthy reading, both of them.

Me?  I'm offering you a case of home brewed beer of your choosing.  I've gotten pretty good at Pale Ales (mostly because I lurves me some Pale Ale), I have made a kick ass Java Porter, and have put together an Amber, a Nut Brown, and a Stout, among others.  You tell me the type of beer you want, I'll brew you a case and ship (or deliver, if in the Indy area).  Here's a list of beers I have brewed.  Pick your poison:

Pale Ale
Nut Brown
Honey Wheat
Java Porter
Vanilla Stout
German Helles
Hard Cider*

I can also attempt a clone of your favorite brew, provided I can find a recipe for it.  There's a pretty comprehensive book on clone brews that I've been meaning to get.  I will mention that if it's something really complicated, I don't know if I'll be able to clone it perfectly, but I'm willing to try.

All ya gotta do is donate $10 to my KTKC fund, by clicking the link below, send me an email ( letting me know, and for each $10, I'll put a ticket in the hat for the drawing.

Donate to my fundraiser by clicking here.

Now, it needs to be known that brewing beer is a time consuming process.  From the day I draw the winning ticket, it will be AT LEAST a month before the beer is ready to ship.  Longer if you're wanting a complex beer (like a bourbon porter or vanilla stout), as it takes about 3-4 weeks in primary fermentation for the yeast to do what the yeast does (which is convert sugars to alcohol).  Once bottled, you're going to want to let it sit for another 3 weeks or so before drinking, to allow for proper carbonation.  This is artistry, not fast food.

So, October 1, I'll draw the name, announce the winner, and we'll chat to find out what type of beer you want.  I'll brew it, and ship by end of October.

$10 for a case of home craft beer, and it goes to a good cause.

*I haven't made it yet, but this fall I was planning on picking up a few gallons of apple cider from a local orchard and trying my hand at a hard cider.  If it turns out decent, I'll throw in a bottle or two of that with your case of beer, if you wish.

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