August 16, 2013

Picked the Wrong Gol'durn Child This Time!

Spawn the Younger has been in a sour mood since Monday when school started.  She's typically pretty happy for the school year, since she gets to see her friends more often, she's a good student who gets good grades and nice remarks from her teacher, and so forth.

But school started Monday, and she's in Middle School now (6th grade) and she's been Little Miss Grumpy Pants ever since Monday. finally got to the root of the issue: Some 9th grader (same bus, as the schools are side by side and we live in a fairly rural area) on the bus threatened StY on Monday with a "I don't care if you are a fucking little kid, I'll mess your ass up".


Well, actually, HELL NO.

You will NOT threaten MY child.  Threatening MY child will always result in unpleasant outcomes for you.  There is nothing good that can come of this.

She's my baby girl, and while I'm generally a mellow, laid-back Poppa Bear, I am quite capable of being rather unpleasant.  

Wife and I talked it over, while StY begged and pleaded with us to ignore it and do nothing, because she doesn't want to be embarrassed and thought of as a "tattle tail" and a wimp.

This morning, I went to the high school where this older kid attends, talked to the principle, and explained what was going on, made it clear that I wanted it investigated, and a course of action to make it stop if the investigation reveals that this happened as StY explains (I allow for the fact that 11 year old kids don't always tell the whole truth.  I have no reason to think StY is telling a lie, but I acknowledge that she might not be telling the WHOLE truth.)

The H.S. principal was very pleasant, attentive, and I was happy with the degree of seriousness he gave my concerns.

Then I went to the Middle School, same deal, and same results.

On the positive, the school buses have video cameras with audio recording, stored and sorted by bus route and date, so it's easy enough to pull the tape, watch to see if StY's story is true, and go from there.  According to the High School principal, "If this bears out, she will get an opportunity to correct her behavior, or she will have nine months of opportunities to walk to school."

That's what I wanted to hear.

I told them I wanted a weekly update on the issue, and that I have plenty of other options, should it come to that.  I'd prefer to not involve the police, but if I have to I will.  For now, we're going to let the school folks investigate it, see what comes out of the investigation, and go from there.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, good course of action... Fix it EARLY rather than late...