July 19, 2013

Living in the Future

Yesterday, I had to print, sign, scan, and email a document.  My daughter was using the home laptop, which can connect to our printer/copier/scanner, and I had my work laptop, which does not.

So I used my phone.

It's remarkable how far technology has advanced in my lifetime.  I've seen the advent of the computer era, from 1200 baud modems that required the entire phone line bandwidth (if I was using it, and you called, you got a busy signal).  Then came faster connections, including DSL, which meant that you could surf and talk on the phone at the same time.

Now we have cable, Fiber Optics, and wireless.  We have phones that are more computer than phone, and a small measure of knowledge will let you connect them all together.

So I typed up a quick letter on my phone, sent it to the printer, signed it and scanned it back to my phone, where I then emailed it to the destination.

That's the sort of futuristic technology that you used to see in Sci-Fi movies twenty years ago.

Which is pretty cool.

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Old NFO said...

Yeah, and getting further and further isolated... sigh