July 10, 2013

I think I'm Making Progress

The camping/outdoors thing must be rubbing off on the Spawn, as evidenced by the following conversation from the other night:

JB: "Hi, girls, I'm home from work!"

Spawn (in unison): "Hi!"

Elder Spawn: "Ummmmm.... JB?  Can you do something for us?"

JB: "Perhaps.  Depends on what that thing is..."

ES: "We wanted to roast hot dogs over a camp fire, like we did in West Virginia, but we can't get a fire going in the fire pit.  Would you how me how to build a camp fire?"

Yeah, that was pretty awesome.

So I showed her the basic technique.  Shredded paper, really small twigs in the teepee format, some slightly larger sticks, then on and on to a full sized log.

We ended up sitting in the back yard, loafing around the campfire, and stayed that way for several hours, until it was time for bed.

My daughters are awesome.  Just thought you should know.

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