July 23, 2013

Can't Admit He Did Good, Can Ya?

Over on the FaceCrackBookSpace, a person I worked with years ago in Atlanta linked to the story about George Zimmerman helping a family in a car wreck.

Some of the comments were pretty mind-boggling, including this one:
This PROVES his police connection, and how they work for his benefit.
I wanted to shake my head in amazement.  Here, finally, after the year and change of investigation and research and lawyers doing what lawyers do for their $500 an hour we FINALLY discovered the truth: GZ has the local PD in his back pocket, and it's all a great conspiracy.

What bothers me about this is that the chap who wrote this comment simply CANNOT accept new ways of thinking.  He has made up his mind, and no amount of fact or evidence will change it.  He's closed minded to anything that doesn't fit his pre-defined narrative, and that's that.  He has decided that GZ is corrupt, the cops are corrupt, and they are all in cahoots together to achieve some outcome.  

In other words, he is prejudiced.

He is the very thing he despises... bigoted and prejudicial.

Isn't it possible that GZ is maybe just a regular guy who tries to help in his community?

If I saw a car wreck in my neighborhood, I'd go help.  Not because I was a paramedic for so many years, but because the car is UPSIDE-FREAKING-DOWN and that's just what humans do.


Old NFO said...

They CANNOT admit he can possibly do something right...

TOTWTYTR said...

And now some idiot with byline is saying the whole thing was made up. They just have to demonize this guy and can't admit that sweet little Trayvon was a thug in training.