June 16, 2013

Take Your Daughters to the Range

With daughters, most wisdom and life skills are handed down from Mommy.  The hormones, the "girly" stuff like makeup and hair, picking outfits to wear, those are things that Dads generally don't know much about, and thus the burden is that of the Matriarch.  

But Dads have a role, and it's important.  And thus came yesterday when Missus JB had to work and I was home with the daughters, the weather was perfect, and I had a box of .22LR and some extra targets.  

So we went to the range.  

Spawn the Younger got a lever action Daisy BB gun for her birthday (pink, natch) and I have my trust Marlin Model 60 semi-auto 22, so after a quick stop at the hardware store for a second set of eye protection, 

We went over the Four Rules several times on the drive down.  I also told them what to do if they hear "Cold Range" and lastly pointed out that if I see them make a mistake, I'll mention it and they shouldn't get upset over it.  "Shooting is a lot of fun, but nothing brings the fun to a halt faster than someone getting hurt."  

After the range, we came back home and I made them pork fritters for lunch, then they had their year-end cheer recital.  

Days don't get much better than that.  

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