June 3, 2013

Looking for Choke Tubes

Trying to find a set of choke tubes for a Mossberg Silver Reserve 12g O/U shotgun.

Mossberg sells the above named gun with a set of 5 choke tubes, according to the information I can see on their website.

Since I bought my Silver Reserve used from a guy I know in Colorado a while back, I don't have the set.  I have only the full chokes that are in the barrel.

I'm trying to find that set, but have been unsuccessful so far in my internet searching.  If you happen to find a set at your local shop, drop me a line?


Old NFO said...

I'll check around, but a gun show or gunbroker would probably be your best bet...

Anonymous said...

I have the same gun and just ordered a set of Trulock extended choke tubes for it. Fit/finish is great. The Silver Reserve uses Benelli/Beretta threaded tubes. Ordered off of OpticsPlanet.