June 5, 2013

"High Tech", You Say?

Came across this article and I couldn't help but shake my head at the information within:

Two high tech rifles, described by Police Chief Mike Brickner as the "weapon of choice in an active-shooter situation," were donated to the city's Police Department on Tuesday.

First, let's make one thing perfectly clear: The AR platform is about 56 years old, give or take (Stoner designed it in '56)  That hardly qualifies as "high tech" by any metric.  There are, by a quick count, 4 major moving parts (trigger, bolt carrier assembly, charging handle assembly, and the spring in the magazine... did I miss any?) and an AR-15 can be built in your living room once you have the necessary parts.  That is NOT "high tech".  

Second, I thought that these were "weapons of war", designed to kill large numbers of people, and too dangerous for regular folks to own.  Isn't that what Obama and Biden have been telling everyone?  If they are, then why do cops need them?  If they aren't, then why would anyone want to limit a citizen from owning one?  

"It was established as a need for us," Brickner said. "If we have a large crowd and a target to be singled out, this weapon doesn't have the spray pattern of a shotgun."

Neither does a bolt action Remington 700.  Why didn't you get two of those?  Why do you need an AR-15 with that "high capacity" 30-round magazine?  My Rem 700 (in 30.06) has 0.5 MOA at 100 yards... and that with a fixed 4X Weaver scope, not a fancy gollywog Eotech sight.*

The suppressor reduces the noise level and make it easier to fire by reducing the recoil. It also reduces sparks escaping from the end of the gun, making it safer around potentially explosive areas, such as drug raids.

Again, if a suppressor is good enough for the cops, it's good enough for civilians.**  

The guns, which hold a 28-30 round magazine and will last for up to eight years, will be given to officers Ron Chapman and Brian Babczak,  members of the Porter County SWAT team.

Properly cared for and maintained, they should last a hell of a lot longer than that.  

* I don't begrudge the cops for having suppressors or Eotech sights or AR-15 rifles.  I wubs my AR, and think it's a fine weapon.  The point is this: If accuracy is the key, there are other accurate rifles available that don't send mixed signals.  

** I should note that Indiana is a very gun-owner friendly state.  We've got Lifetime Carry Permits, few restrictions on guns, etc.  


Old NFO said...

Good post and good points JB! And you're right, it's NOT high tech!!!

TOTWTYTR said...

Funny, I thought hand guns were the weapons of choice for active shooter incidents.

Unless they use shotguns.

In other news, if they need something without a spray pattern, they could always use a lever action rifle. Worked for Lucas McCain.