June 24, 2013

Busy Weekend

Took the weekend to enjoy some down time.  Spawn were with their biological dad, so wife.gov and I went north to spend Saturday at my uncle's lake cottage.  A few hours of water time, ribs, beer, and letting the dogs swim did wonders for my disposition.  I've been in a funk lately, stressed over the job, the income (or, more specifically, the OUTGO), and time limits... there's more stuff that needs done than there is time to do it.  I've been a crappy husband the past few weeks, and I needed to recharge the batteries.

Saturday, we spent the night at her parents' house, and watched Game 5 of the Stanley Cup.  Exciting series, to be sure, and a Blackhawks win always puts us in good moods.

Sunday morning, we had brunch, then drove home.  My old climbing buddy and roommate from Colorado was passing through the area last night, headed back west after a visit to his family in West Virginia, so they swung by Chateau JB to say howdy.  We grilled some brats, had chips and homemade salsa, and a couple bottles of home brew beer.

Sunday was also Elder Spawn's 13th birthday.  My god, I'm the parent of a TEENAGE girl... how the heck did THAT happen?  At any rate, we'd picked up a cheesecake, and all had a slice to celebrate her birthday.

Today I was up at the crack of dawn, showered and dressed and drove to work, only to find the office network was Tango Uniform, and if I wanted to get any work done I'd have to turn around and go home to use my home internet and the VPN to the Atlanta office.  Would have been nice to know that BEFORE I drove 61 miles to work.

On the plus side, I have today and tomorrow, then we're off on an official vacation for Wednesday through Sunday.  Whitewater rafting and camping and jumping off the rocks into the lake and swimming under waterfalls and other such frivolity in West Virginia.  Should be good times.

Sorry for the lack of content lately.  Just busier 'n' hell.

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Old NFO said...

Understood, it's good to get a break and recharge a bit!