May 31, 2013

New Gun Pr0n

Taurus PT 145 Pro, picked up last weekend.

Finally filled that gap in my collection (the gap that was right about the width of a .45 ACP) with this fellow.

I needed a new carry gun for the summer.  In winter, I can wear bulky clothes and with my frame (wide shoulders, narrow waist) I can easily conceal my Glock 19.  In the summer, however, the heat and humidity (*cough, spit*) push me to wear lighter weight clothing, and my 19 will print too much under a t-shirt for my liking.

This baby is chambered in .45 ACP, holds a single stack of 10 +1, and is much slimmer and smaller than the Glock.  I think I'll get a new trigger on it, as it came with that long uptake factory trigger that Taurus is famous for.

And I need a new holster, something IWB.  I'm thinking a Fugly from Dragon Leatherworks.  JayG and others are quite impressed with them, and that's as much endorsement I need.

It will also fit inside a sporran, so I can carry during KTKC this September.

At any rate, there it is.  My first 45.  Rain being called for today and tomorrow, but maybe I can get to the range Sunday for a test run.

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Old NFO said...

NICE! And the Fugly is an excellent choice for a holster! Enjoy!!!