May 29, 2013

I've Had Worse Weekends

The Spawn were with their father this weekend, Saturday through Monday, and Missus JB and I had three day weekends from work, so we sent the girls on their way, packed a light bag, left a bowl of food for the cats, loaded the dogs into the Heep, and headed north.

Went to visit our parents (hers and mine live in the same town), and had a little cookout party* Saturday night.  Brats and burgers and chicken and assorted side dishes** and company and beer.  LOTS of beer.  More beer than I should have had in one night, but what the hell.

Her parents came over for the party, and we discovered that her dad and my uncle were 2 years apart at school, and still know some of the same people.  Small town life, you understand.

Sunday we slept in late (for us... we're typically up by 5:15am, but Sunday we slept until almost 7:30), then went to breakfast.  Went to her parents' house to "watch the Indy 500" -- which, according to tradition, involves tuning in to hear Jim Neighbors sing "Back Home Again in Indiana", watch the first lap, then promptly fall asleep until Lap 180 or so -- and just relax.

Another grilling meat party Sunday at my sister's place, then a final beer with my uncle Jan, recently returned from a "spirit quest" to Cambodia (he's weird, don't ask), and we hit the sack.

Left Monday to return to Casa d' JB, girls came home around 7:30p, and everyone was asleep by 9:30.

Tuesday was my birthday, and Missus JB made me biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast (she makes the BEST), then I had a job interview, grilled a MONSTER sirloin, and went to bed again a happy and content (and older) man.

There have been worse weekends.

* My mother doesn't do "little" parties.  Her idea of a "little" party is 25 people.

** Including the avocado-lime deviled eggs that Missus JB made.  Boil a dozen eggs, cool rapidly, and peel. Mix the yolks with the meat of two avocados, 5 TBSP lime juice, a few shakes of cayenne pepper, and spoon it into the egg whites.  Scatter some diced green onion on top, chill for a half hour to help firm up the filling.

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Old NFO said...

Hippo birdie to ewe old man! :-) And glad y'all had a good weekend!!!