May 20, 2013

And I Call Myself a 'Bitter Clinger'...

There was a little gun show at the local fairgrounds this past weekend.  I swung in for a while while Elder Spawn was at cheer practice.  Didn't have any particular goal in mind, other than selling my Cobra Patriot 9S (never did get that failure to feed issue resolved, despite a new magazine, and I won't carry a gun that I don't trust to work 100% of the time), but I had some free time and there was a gun show and that's that.

I did sell the Cobra, for only slightly less than I wanted.  That was easy.

Walked the aisles, looked around, and prices were about what one would expect in today's panic-driven market.

Then I left.  I didn't buy a single damn thing.

No new guns.

No spare magazines.

No holsters or tacti-cool flashlights.

Not even a box of over-priced bulk ammo.

Not. One. Thing.

I am so ashamed.  May John Moses Browning (PBUH) forgive my sins.


Jumblerant said...

It is always good to write down your symptoms before going to the doctor...

I would have thought that with not buying anything your next stop would have been the Emergency Room!

Old NFO said...

Good for you, no panic buying... :-)

Jeff B said...

In retrospect, it was a good decision. Found a guy locally that wants to sell a Taurus PT 145 Stainless, and at a MUCH better price than they were asking at the gun show.

Finally, I can fill that glaring gap in my arsenal by adding something in .45 ACP.