May 30, 2013

A Tough Conversation

I've been fortunate to stay friends with one of my pals from high school, despite my gypsy ways and years of roaming.

Couple weeks ago, we had a cookout at another mutual friend's house, during which his wife confided in me and my wife that she's been going to Al-Anon meetings.  Seems his wife is worried that he's been hitting the sauce a little hard recently, and often, and it's a concern.

My pal was in the area last night, and stopped by to chat.

So I brought it up.  Laid it all out for him... his drinking, how it concerned his wife, what he needed to do, and so forth.

Gotta say, that was NOT an easy conversation to have.  But I think it was necessary.  How do you tell your best pal about his flaws, and that he's not living up to his role as a man?

I don't pretend to be perfect in any form -- who is? -- and thus I don't know if this makes me a hypocrite?  What moral ground do I have to stand on and lecture my friend?

Not an easy conversation.


Shane W said...

"What moral ground do I have to stand on and lecture my friend?"

Friendship. You're trying to help out your friend. Many wouldn't do that for fear of losing their friend or whatever. Good on ya! Hope all works out for him.

Old NFO said...

Concur with Shane. Honesty and friendship are that moral ground.

AML said...

Although not an easy conversation but you did the right thing, that's a part of being a friend to tell the truth and to be honest. Hope it works.