May 17, 2013

A Pleasant Ammo Purchase

Was running a bit early today, so swung into my local Gander Mountain, thinking I'd be there right before they opened, maybe grab some ammo (they get their delivery truck on Friday morning.)

There was a line of folks already waiting, but not terribly long.  Perhaps 25 folks or so.

Like many other retailers, Gander is limiting purchase amounts: You can't slap down a Visa card and buy fifty boxes of 5.56.  Limited to one 100 round box of center fire pistol or rifle, or two 50 round boxes of center fire, or two 50 round boxes of rimfire.

The REALLY nice thing, to me, was the price.  They were almost at "pre-panic buying" prices.  A hundred round box of 115gr FMJ 9mm Luger was $39.99, and two 50 round boxes of .22LR were $4.99 each.

Yes, the .22LR is a bit high.  Before the panic purchase madness began, I could get a box of 525 rounds of 22 for about $20.00, give or take.  That's 3.8 cents per round.  Today, the 22 cost me 10 cents/round.  But is showing around $.19/round as the cheapest they can find.  So, I still got the best price on 22 I could find.

I spoke with the manager and thanked him for not gouging us on price like my local gun shop does (LGS wants $65 for 375 rounds of 22.... Or about 18 cents/round.  No, thank you.) and he thanked me for my business.  From the time I parked to the time I paid my bill was just shy of 30 minutes.  Not bad.  

Everyone in the line was polite (not surprising: gun folks are polite folks), and the staff at Gander Mountain were all friendly and helpful as well.  I'll be going back to give them more business.

All in all, a pleasant ammo buying experience in today's mad world.

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Old NFO said...

Glad to hear it! I could have bought ONE box of .22 for $5 yesterday, but since it was subsonic I passed... sigh