April 16, 2013

We Don't Need No Education

Spawn the Younger was searching for a missing assignment, and I offered to help.  While looking through a stack of papers, I found a number of homework assignments that had "Less than acceptable" grades. 

So we toddled off to her school, so she could explain to her teacher that she lost her assignment, and could she (please) turn it in a day late and accept the penalty, and she's sorry and it won't happen again and oh my god mommy is going to kill me....

And then I spoke to her teacher.

And the conversation went like this:

"Ma'am, I'd like to hear any suggestions you have about what her mother and I can do to help her get better grades.  I don't blame you, I just want to help her do better. Anything at all you can offer is welcomed."

From her facial expression, this was a unique position that I took. 

Which is sad.  Because it didn't seem so strange to me.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, seems like 'most' parents want to shift blame to the teacher, NOT take any responsibility!!! Good for y'all!!!